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Patsy M Henry

Children's Book Author

Get your hands on Patsy M Henry’s engaging and lovely picture books! Your little ones will surely love her heartwarming and entertaining stories. The children's book author has captured what happens in the rabbit pen through the eyes of the bunnies. Read the synopses below to learn more about her must-read collection and life’s greatest lessons your kids can discover in every read.

My Hare Line

Did you ever have a pet when you were a child? “My Hare Line” author, Patsy M Henry, was from a hardworking farm family that had no time or money for pets. The thought of having one never entered her mind. All that changed at the age of 57 when her husband surprised her with a rabbit for Easter. Follow along as Patsy takes you on an emotional ride as she learns how to take care of Bunny Rabbit. She adds Jack and Flopsey to the family, and the action picks up. Later, emotions run high when two dogs attack the rabbits. The author develops a love for and a strong bond with her bunnies unlike any she had felt before. “My Hare Line” tells the story of Patsy M Henry, her rabbits, and their sometimes-bumpy ride.

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My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit

A wild rabbit named Brownie moved to a new home under a holly bush in the front yard of a big house. Her emotions heighten when she discovers a prison camp in the backyard. Rather than leave, she bravely decides to observe Mr. and Mrs. Warden as they run the prison camp. This she did despite her granddad’s warning to hide whenever humans are around. “My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit” tells the story of Brownie’s investigation of the prison camp and the Wardens.

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My Hare Line and the Dead Pine Tree

Have you ever been afraid of something and not been able to explain your fear? That’s what Rascal experiences in “My Hare Line and the Dead Pine Tree.” After realizing that the tree in his pen is dead, he tries to communicate with Mr. and Mrs. Warden. However, the two humans don’t speak rabbit. Read along as Rascal takes action to avoid being hurt by the dead pine tree.

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My Hare Line and the Hat

After a tree fell and knocked the fence down, Brownie asked Rascal if anyone escaped. Rascal thought this was the silliest thing he had ever heard. As usual, he talked to Aunt Paula Rabbit about what Brownie had said to him. That’s when he learned about his the adventures of his family.

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My Hare Line and the Uninvited Visitor

Mrs. Warden is very protective of the bunnies and wants to keep them safe. Rascal, however, thinks he is big enough to take care of himself. He then decides to spend the night in his rabbit hole. Soon, he realizes that he is not so big after all. Follow along as an uninvited visitor surprises Rascal.

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Rascal’s Fear

Are you afraid of bad weather? Rascal is. Read along as he experiences fear like never before when Tropical Storm Fay comes to visit.

Brownie’s Adventure

A wild rabbit, Brownie now lives in the front yard of a big house. She had not seen her best friend, Phil Mouse, since she moved to her new home. Boy, did she miss him! One day, Brownie decided to make a surprise visit and see her friend. Follow along as she travels to see Phil Mouse. She’s in for quite an adventure.

My Field Trip to the Bunny Farm

This is the story of three-year-old Billy. His mother took him to Mrs. Warden’s home where he was pleasantly surprised to see bunnies! It was so much fun to see the rabbits run and jump. Billy was even more delighted to lay his eyes on something he had not seen before—a baby bunny. Read his story to find out how his day went.

Rick’s Smoky Mountains Vacation

This is the story of our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in 2005 with our grandson, Rick. It shares the points of interest and photos that will bring the mountains to you.

My Hare Line, a Chapter Book of Bunny Tales

Mrs. Warden is very protective of her bunnies. Chapter 1 tells the story about getting her first bunny and learning how to take care of rabbits. As you read along chapters two through five, you’ll read stories from the rabbits’ points of view.

The Frightened Lamb, an Easter Story

The Passover and Easter are approaching, and you want to explain their significance to your little ones. As a parent, you want your kids to know that Easter is more than getting a new outfit, eggs, candy, baby chicks, and bunnies. Read along as a wise grandmother uses a lamb to help share the story of Easter with her grandson.

Adult Books

Old People

The characters in Old People are based on the authors own family. While much of the story is true, the story has a few "twist" that are fiction. Lee and Catherine come face to face with the dreaded aging process. Follow along as their plans for their retirement years were forever changed.

What Happens in Atlanta, Stays in Atlanta

When the author's sister Anita could not find a dress locally for an important occasion, they took a little shopping trip to Atlanta. They were country comes to town as the expression goes! This would be the beginning of twenty-five plus annual sister trips that were more about spending time together than shopping. These times would be cherished and discussed for years to come. Who wouldn't enjoy shopping, dining, and spending time with their loved ones? No husbands or kids were allowed! Follow along as the author shares her take of their excursions.

The Sharecropper's Daughter

While there are some similarities in the author’s background and the story line, The Share Cropper’s Daughter is fiction. The main character, Sara, will take the reader down many crooks, turns, and side roads before revealing the drop off and the detour at the end of the road. Don’t forget to fasten your seat belt!

The Sharecropper's Daughter, 2nd book in series

Sara was so thankful she had a friend like Mrs. Thelma. She confided in her often. She shared things with her that she had never been able to share with anyone. As it turns out, she was not the only one who had secrets to share. Follow along as other secrets are revealed. Secrets that would change lives forever!