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Patsy M Henry

About Patsy M Henry, author of Children's books about bunnies

Patsy M Henry, the author of 9 children's books about bunnies, grew up on a farm in Mitchell County, Georgia. Her dad was a sharecropper. Times may have been hard, but she did not realize it since they always had what was needed. She was the fifth child born in a family of seven children. On the farm, everyone worked in the field and garden.

Over the years, her dad tried growing different crops for markets such as watermelons, cucumbers, tobacco, cotton, corn, and peanuts. There was always something to do. The abundant harvest from their huge vegetable garden fed her family all year long.

They attended Greenwood Free Will Baptist Church on Sundays. This was a priority. One thing she could count on was getting a new dress and shoes for Easter Sunday. Also, everyone got new clothes and shoes when school started each year. Money was tight, so the siblings never had the opportunity to learn to swim, skate, or ride a bicycle. The author learned to drive a car after she got married.

There weren’t many books other than the Bible in her home during her childhood. Her parents taught her to work hard and to be honest. That spilled over into anything the author tried to do. With that in mind, she did her best to make good grades in school, and she enjoyed grammar and arithmetic. In high school, she did well on book reports and essays. She enjoyed writing and excelled in math.

Patsy M Henry, author

She attended grades one through the tenth grade at Hopeful School in Mitchell County, Georgia. The schools consolidated, and she graduated from Mitchell County High School located in Camilla, Georgia in 1963. She did not go to college because her family could not afford to send her. If scholarships were available, she was unaware.

After getting married in 1964, she worked as a cashier in a grocery store and put her math skills to good use. After seven years of working as a cashier, she worked for a bank for 25 years, also, using her math skills.

While working at the bank, she decided to attend Bainbridge College to improve her typing. She decided she might as well get an associate degree in secretarial science. Classes in English 101 and 102 were required for that degree. In these classes, she had writing assignments and was reminded of those school days when she had enjoyed writing. She thought about this from time to time, but too busy working and taking care of her family to have time to write.

The author retired in 2008, having worked 25 years in banking and eight years as an office manager. Her goals for retirement were to take better care of herself and to write. The first goal was easy to slip into. The second goal has been both challenging and rewarding.

She had been encouraged to write by family and friends who told her that she missed her calling. It came naturally for her to write about her newfound love for rabbits. The author and her husband, Jerry, live in Bainbridge, Georgia where they are active members of First Baptist Church. They enjoy taking care of the rabbits and spending time into the mountains. They have two grown sons and four grandchildren.

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Patsy M Henry, a childhood photo