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Patsy M Henry

Charming Words and Pictures for Little Kids

If you are looking for entertaining and endearing children’s picture books, then turn to the works of Patsy M Henry. A children's book author, she has 11 illustrated stories and nine are children's books about bunnies. Thus the saying: rabbit spoken here. She started with a five-part series called “My Hare Line” that was circulated by the now-out-of-business Tate Publishing. The six remaining books were published by CreateSpace and an Amazon company.

Mission Statement

Patsy M Henry started writing children’s books about bunnies in 2008. While she finds writing enjoyable, she found that seeing a smile on a child’s face and a sparkle in their eyes is far more rewarding. She is committed to sharing her bunny tales, photos, and the rabbits themselves whenever possible.

My Hare Line Book Series

  • My Hare Line
  • My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit
  • My Hare Line and the Dead Pine Tree
  • My Hare Line and the Hat
  • My Hare Line and the Uninvited Visitor

Other books available: “Rascal’s Fear” and “Brownie’s Adventure” , which use the beloved characters of “My Hare Line.”

Plus: "My Field Trip to the Bunny Farm", "The Frightened Lamb, an Easter Story", "Rick's Smoky Mountains Vacation", and "My Hare Line, a Chapter Book."

*All books are available at

Meet the Author